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Steve Kelly, Project Manager
WBI Energy
2010 Montana Ave.
Glendive, MT 59330

Toll-free: 1-800-437-4630
[email protected]

Laura Lueder

Wahpeton Expansion Overview

The proposed Wahpeton Expansion Project will expand WBI Energy’s natural gas pipeline system in southeastern North Dakota. It will involve constructing approximately 60 miles of 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline from WBI Energy’s existing Mapleton Compressor Station near Mapleton, North Dakota, to a new delivery station near Wahpeton, North Dakota. WBI Energy also will make minor modifications at the Mapleton Compressor Station and construct a new delivery station near Kindred, North Dakota.

The Wahpeton Expansion Project is estimated to cost approximately $75 million.

The proposed Wahpeton Expansion Project would allow WBI Energy to deliver an additional 20.6 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to southeastern North Dakota, particularly the cities of Wahpeton and Kindred. Pending regulatory approvals, WBI Energy anticipates starting construction in early 2024, with completion expected by November 2024.

A project map shows the proposed pipeline route and locations of proposed facilities.

Anticipated Project Milestones
WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
Wahpeton Expansion Project

WBI Energy submits prefiling request Sept. 22, 2021 
FERC issues Director's Notice of Pre-Filing  Oct. 6, 2021 
WBI Energy conducts public open houses November 2021
WBI Energy files NGA Section 7 application  May 2022 
FERC issues draft Environmental Impact Statement September 2022
FERC issues final Environmental Impact Statement January 2023
FERC issues Certificate  July 2023
FERC issues Notice to Proceed With Construction August-December 2023
WBI Energy begins construction April 2024 
WBI Energy places project into service November 2024


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