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What We Do

We provide safe, reliable natural gas transportation services that support homes, businesses and industry across the Northern Plains. We transport natural gas for our customers from natural gas processing plants and other pipelines to their desired location, which could be a community or a power plant.

Our customers range from local distribution companies, such as a natural gas utility that serves homes and businesses, to industrial facilities, like a refinery or an ethanol plant, and gas processing plants that clean gas so it can be burned at a home or business.

Natural gas transmission pipelines provide a vital link between producers and consumers. Pipelines make it possible to deliver North America’s abundant natural gas reserves to fuel homes and businesses.

WBI Energy operations map

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Josh Hager

Manager, market services

WBI Energy operations map

Key Stats (as of 12/31/2023)

Environmental Stewardship

WBI Energy is committed to protecting the environment during all project phases and will work with landowners, communities and other stakeholders to minimize impacts to the environment and communities.


For the most current rates, please visit the WBI Energy Transmission interactive website. Select “Other,” then “Rates.”

Questions? Contact us.

Lori Myerchin

Director of regulatory affairs and transportation services

Protecting Metal Structures

Our Corrosion Services Division designs, implements, energizes and monitors cathodic protection systems. We work on a wide variety of buried and submerged metal structures. We also provide solar systems for remote locations without access to energy sources.


The process of getting a tap established may take several months or up to a year. Prior to performing any work, WBI Energy must meet certain regulatory and environmental requirements. Each delivery station is then individually engineered and constructed. Other timing variables that impact the in-service date include easements, permitting, equipment ordering and the weather.

For small loads, such as a house and shop, your local utility company will measure the gas as it leaves WBI Energy’s pipeline. For larger demands, such as a grain dryer, WBI Energy will work with a local utility company to determine who will own, install and operate the measurement facilities. Grain dryers can use large volumes of natural gas – sometimes as much as an entire town. Customers have the option of working directly with WBI Energy but will be responsible for their own pressure regulation and over pressure protection.

Three Ways to Receive Natural Gas from WBI Energy’s Pipeline

1. Act As Your Own Agent
You secure a natural gas supply and arrange to bring that gas onto WBI Energy’s pipeline system. You must enter into a transportation service agreement with WBI Energy and, daily, schedule the delivery of the gas. You would be responsible for downstream pressure regulation after the point where the gas leaves WBI Energy’s system.

2. Contract With A Marketing Company
The marketer would secure a natural gas supply, manage the transportation service agreement with WBI Energy and handle the daily scheduling of gas. You would be responsible for pressure/regulation at the delivery point.

3. Use A Local Distribution Company
Natural gas utility companies will secure a gas supply and handle the scheduling of gas. The utility also may install/operate pressure regulation equipment.