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Frequently Asked Questions


WBI Energy is proposing to construct, operate and maintain the North Bakken Expansion Project.

  • The project consists of an approximately 62-mile long, 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline from WBI Energy’s existing Tioga Compressor Station near Tioga, North Dakota, to an interconnect with Northern Border Pipeline Company’s mainline southeast of Watford City, North Dakota.
  • A new compressor station, Elkhorn Creek Compressor Station, will be constructed near the interconnect, southeast of Watford City, North Dakota.
  • The project involves construction of approximately 20 miles of 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline between the existing Tioga Compressor Station and an existing receipt station along WBI Energy’s existing Line Section 25; approximately 10 miles of 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline along WBI Energy’s existing Line Section 30; and an approximately 0.5-mile, 20-inch diameter natural gas pipeline lateral at the Tioga Compressor Station.
  • The project also involves the addition of horsepower at the existing Tioga Compressor Station, uprates to WBI Energy’s existing Line Section 25, and the installation of new and modifications to receipt/delivery points and lateral pipeline facilities along the pipeline routes.

The project is designed to provide up to 250 million cubic feet per day of natural gas capacity. This project will help the oil and natural gas industry reduce flaring in the Bakken region, while getting more natural gas to market for consumer use. 


WBI Energy is committed to providing landowners, communities and other stakeholders with opportunities to both learn about the North Bakken Expansion Project and provide input about issues, expectations and concerns. As part of this commitment, WBI Energy is distributing project information to landowners and other stakeholders, will hold public open houses and hosts a project website. During the regulatory process, similar opportunities will be provided by FERC as it gathers input as part of the scoping process.


The North Bakken Expansion Project would be regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). On June 28, 2019, WBI Energy filed a request to participate in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's NEPA pre-filing review process for the North Bakken Expansion Project (FERC Docket No. PF19-7-000). The purpose of the pre-filing process is to encourage early involvement of interested stakeholders, to facilitate interagency cooperation, and to identify and resolve issues before the application is filed with FERC. 

On February 14, 2020, WBI Energy filed with the FERC a certificate application requesting authorization to construct, modify, operate and maintain facilities for its North Bakken Expansion Project. The FERC assigned the project Docket No. CP20-52-000.

On July 28, 2020, WBI Energy filed with the FERC an amendment to the Application proposing revisions to the Application. The FERC issued Docket No. CP20-52-001.

The FERC also is the lead federal agency responsible for conducting the project's environmental review. For additional information about the FERC, how it reviews natural gas projects, and landowner and stakeholder topics of interest, click here.


WBI Energy knows that safety is a priority for North Dakotans. Once constructed, the new pipelines will be inspected, tested and monitored to ensure its integrity and to meet or exceed all federal standards. The company has a long history and deep experience with designing, constructing, and operating safe and reliable pipeline systems. Facilities operated by WBI Energy are under the control of the Gas Control Center in Bismarck, North Dakota. The center is responsible for monitoring flow and operating conditions on the entire pipeline system and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.


Environmental protection continues to be an integral part of the company’s operational philosophy. WBI Energy is committed to protecting the environment during all project phases and will work to minimize negative impacts to the environment and to adjacent communities.


WBI Energy has endorsed and fully supports the landowner commitments developed by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America. These eight commitments build and maintain strong, positive relationships with landowners. 

1. Respect and trust.
2. Accurate and timely information.
3. Negotiate in good faith.
4. Respect the regulatory compact.
5. Responding to issues.
6. Outreach.
7. Industry ambassadors.
8. Ongoing commitment to training.

The full document highlighting these commitments can be found online at:

Reclamation of pipeline right-of-way to the condition of the land prior to the construction of the project is a priority for WBI Energy. WBI Energy will hire contractors to accomplish the construction work and is ultimately responsible for complete site restoration. WBI Energy acknowledges this responsibility and provides its complete contact information to all involved parties to use should problems exist with restoration.


WBI Energy will publish twice a “Public Notice” of the Project in local newspapers immediately after the filing of the project application in early 2020 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The “Public Notice” will be published twice in daily and weekly newspapers in Burke, McKenzie, Mountrail and Williams counties. The notice will include the docket number; a description of the project; and landowner information and rights.

WBI Energy will also publish twice a "Public Notice" of the amendment to the application in local newspapers in McKenzie and Williams counties due to the proposed revisions at the Tioga and Elkhorn Creek Compressor Stations. 

WBI Energy will also place a hard copy of the North Bakken Expansion Project application in local libraries in the counties that the project crosses. 


Preliminary routes for the new pipelines have been selected and survey work began early in 2019. Construction of the new pipeline is anticipated to begin in spring 2021, upon receiving all necessary regulatory and environmental approvals, with an in-service date expected in late 2021. WBI Energy considers safety, agriculture, environmental considerations, land-use compatibility, constructability and cultural resources when determining a proposed pipeline route. As the project proceeds through the regulatory process, WBI Energy seeks input from landowners and other stakeholders to determine the final pipeline route.

The pipeline route will traverse through Burke, McKenzie, Mountrail and Williams counties in northwestern North Dakota.


WBI Energy is based in Bismarck, North Dakota, and can trace its start in the pipeline business back to the 1920s. WBI Energy owns and operates more than 3,600 miles of natural gas transmission and storage pipeline in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. WBI Energy is part of the MDU Resources Group family of companies. More information on MDU Resources can be found at

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