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North Bakken Expansion Project Overview

On February 14, 2020, WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. (WBI Energy) filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory  Commission (FERC) a certificate application requesting authorization to construct, modify, operate and maintain facilities for its proposed North Bakken Expansion Project (Project). The FERC assigned the project Docket No. CP20-52-000.

On July 28, 2020, WBI Energy filed with the FERC an amendment to the application proposing revisions to the application. The changes to the Project WBI Energy proposed in the Amendment include: (i) reducing the Projects's incremental firm transportation design capacity from 350,000 mcf per day to 250,000 mcf per day by reducing the number of additional compressor units at its existing Tioga Compressor Station located in Williams County from six units to three units; (ii) updating Project costs to reflect the reduction in additional compressor units at the Tioga Compressor Station, as well as a reduction in costs related to the purchase of pipeline, construction of the proposed Elkhorn Creek Compressor Station, and the construction of WBI Energy's interconnect facilities with Northern Border Pipeline Company, and (iii) updating certain appurtenant, or auxiliary, Project facilities.  The FERC issued Docket No. CP20-52-001 to reflect these changes.

WBI Energy's proposed North Bakken Expansion Project involves approximately 61.9 miles of new 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline from WBI Energy’s Tioga Compressor Station near Tioga, North Dakota, to a new compressor station, the Elkhorn Creek Compressor Station, in McKenzie County, North Dakota, as well as approximately 0.3 mile of new 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline from the proposed Elkhorn Creek Compressor Station to a new interconnect with Northern Border Pipeline Company’s mainline southeast of Watford City, North Dakota. 

The project also includes constructing approximately 20.4 miles of new 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline looping between WBI Energy's Tioga Compressor Station and an existing receipt station along WBI Energy's existing Line Section 25 in Mountrail and Burke counties, approximately 9.4 miles of 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline looping along WBI Energy's existing Line Section 30 in Williams County, and approximately 0.5 mile of new 20-inch diameter natural gas pipeline receipt lateral to the Tioga Compressor Station.

Additionally, the project includes adding compression horsepower at the Tioga Compressor Station, uprates to WBI Energy's Line Section 25, and the installation of new and modifications to existing delivery, receipt and transfer stations along the pipeline routes, replacing small segments of pipeline facilities and installing block valves, pig launcher/receiver stations and other associated appurtenances along the pipeline routes.

Project maps show the preliminary pipeline routes and the locations of the proposed facilities.

The proposed North Bakken Expansion Project, as amended, will provide an additional 250 million cubic feet per day of natural gas takeaway capacity from natural gas processing plants in the Williston Basin in northwest North Dakota to support transportation of increasing levels of natural gas and to aid in the reduction of natural gas flaring.

Assuming environmental and regulatory approval are received, construction on the project is expected to begin in early 2021 and be completed in late 2021.

Estimated Project Milestones
WBI Energy Transmission, Inc.
North Bakken Expansion Project

WBI Energy submits prefiling request
June 28, 2019 
FERC issues Director's Notice of Pre-Filing 
July 3, 2019 
WBI Energy conducts public open houses
Aug. 6 and 7, 2019
WBI Energy files NGA Section 7 application 
Feb. 14, 2020 
WBI Energy files amendment to application
July 28, 2020 
FERC issues EA 
October 2020 
FERC issues authorization 
January 2021 
FERC issues Notice to Proceed 
March 2021 
WBI Energy places facilities in service 
November 2021 

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