How do I recognize a pipeline leak?

Use your eyes, nose and ears to detect a leak.


  • Dirt being blown or appearing to be thrown into the air.
  • Water bubbling or being blown into the air at a pond, creek or river.
  • Fire coming from the ground or appearing to burn above the ground.
  • Dead or dying vegetation on or near a pipeline right-of-way in an otherwise green area.
  • A dry spot in a moist field.
  • A low-lying, white cloud or fog originating near the pipeline location.


  • A roaring, blowing, or hissing sound coming from the vicinity of the pipeline or a connecting facility.


  • Any strange or unusual odor, such as sulfur or rotten eggs, in the area of the pipeline.

In case of a pipeline emergency, call 1-888-859-7291 IMMEDIATELY!

Call this 24-hour number immediately even if a small pipeline nick or scratch has occurred. These small events could result in a rupture now or in the near future and it should be checked by our pipeline technicians.

Call 811!

In the case of a pipeline EMERGENCY, call 1-888-859-7291 IMMEDIATELY!
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