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Safety: Every day in every way

Safety of our employees and for the general public is a core value of our group of companies. Safety is not simply a program or a department within WBI Energy, it is a shared culture. The foundation of this culture is found in several local safety committees in place throughout all of our operations.

Natural gas pipelines are the nation’s safest method of transporting energy, quietly delivering large volumes of the clean-burning fuel to local natural gas distribution companies who ultimately carry the gas to your homes and businesses. While our safety record is exceptional, it’s important for everyone who lives and works near natural gas pipelines to know basic safety information.

The interstate natural gas pipeline industry invests millions of dollars each year in maintenance and construction programs, facilities testing, research, emergency training and public information to ensure safety and to maintain the reliability of the nation's interstate natural gas delivery system but we still need your help.

WBI Energy operates a vast underground transmission and gathering network of pipelines and other facilities across Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Information for Emergency Officials

For emergency response information or Pipeline Emergency Response Guidelines, see this section of the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness website.

For specific information about the WBI Energy pipeline system including requests for maps or centerline data, or a copy of our Emergency Response Plan, contact the Pipeline Safety Awareness Coordinator or call (406) 359-7316.

Call before you dig!

Know what’s below. Information about the one call locations throughout our region can be found here.

Call 811!

In the case of a pipeline EMERGENCY, call 1-888-859-7291 IMMEDIATELY!
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