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Landowner Information

With approximately 1,600 miles of pipeline, WBI Energy Midstream’s gathering pipeline system crosses the land of many farmers, ranchers and homeowners.  The company strives to build and maintain a positive relationship with these landowners through effective communication.  Stewardship of the land and high standards of safety for the public and our employees remain our guiding principles.

Contact Information

If you are a property owner or landowner with questions or concerns about WBI Energy Midstream’s operations on or near your property, contact the local office or e-mail us at: [email protected]. Based on your question or concern, you will be placed in contact with the person who can answer your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is natural gas transported?

Natural gas is transported through an underground pipeline. The natural gas is moved through the pipeline by pressure which gradually dissipates as it travels through the pipeline. A series of compressor stations are positioned along the pipeline and it’s these facilities that supply the pressure to move the gas.

What exactly is a compressor station?

By itself, natural gas would just sit within the pipeline unless some force causes it to move.  A compressor station must be located at specific distances along a natural gas pipeline in order to provide the force to move the natural gas through the pipeline.  A compressor station is simply a pump that supplies the force to move the gas through the pipeline.

What steps are involved in building pipeline facilities?

After finalizing the locations for the various facilities, landowners are contacted to obtain easements for the construction and access to right-of-way.  Once right-of-way is secured, the actual construction phase begins.  The last phase is the clean-up and reclamation/restoration of the right-of-way.

How is the environment protected during the construction and operation of pipeline facilities?

Environmental protection is an integral part of the company’s operational philosophy.  Once installed, the pipeline and all related facilities are regularly inspected for abnormalities and any problems are reported immediately.

Where does a landowner go if problems or concerns arise regarding pipeline facilities on or near their land?

Company contact information is available on this Web site.

In the case of a pipeline EMERGENCY, call 1-888-859-7291 IMMEDIATELY!
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