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WBI Energy Midstream can provide flexible and customizable producer-related services tailored to meet your specific needs.

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  • Natural gas gathering pipeline  - As our foundation midstream business, we can provide the vital link between your natural gas production and the marketplace. Since our early start in this business, we have designed, constructed, operated and maintained a number of gathering systems for numerous energy companies.


  • Leak detection - Monitoring pipeline systems for leaks is a critical cost-control activity. Utilizing Apogee Scientific’s optical technology, our personnel can simultaneously measure methane, hydrocarbon and CO2 levels in ambient air and provide real-time GPS location and leak discovery.


  • Measurement services - We can provide measurement services, including meter calibrations, RTU data integration, chart integration, monthly volume statement generation, and the posting of real-time volumes to our secured customer website.


  • Glycol recycling - This trailer-mounted service cleans spent glycol and dehydration systems.  A typical 500-gallon dehydration unit takes about three days to clean. The system is connected to computerized monitoring equipment and is monitored remotely. The facility can keep producing natural gas during the cleaning process so there is no downtime.


  • Stand-by energy and energy efficiency systems - We can provide the engineering, design and construction services for stand-by energy facilities and other alternative energy solutions. We have built propane-air systems for the Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City, S.D., and the Minot Air Force Base near Minot, N.D. In addition, we have provided energy efficiency systems for both military installations.
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