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Geographic Profile

2015 Operating Statistics

(as of 12/31/15)

Annual Transportation Volumes: 290.5 MMDK

Natural gas storage (MMcf)
    Total capacity: 353 Bcf  
     Working gas capacity: 193 Bcf  
Miles of transmission pipeline: 3,457  
Miles of gathering line: 414  
 Miles of storage pipeline: 142  
Interconnecting Pipeline Points: 13
Northern Border - Glen Ullin
Northern Border - Manning
Northern Border – Charbonneau
Northern Border - Spring Creek
Northern Border - Stateline
TBI Field Services - Wind River
Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission - Bridger
Colorado Interstate Gas - Elk Basin
Elk Basin - Black Hills NW WY
MIGC - Recluse
SourceGas - Billy Creek
Many Islands Pipeline – Portal
Northwestern Energy - Warren


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