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System Installations - Corrosion Services is the preferred cathodic protection installation contractor for operators in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions. Corrosion Services installation personnel have installed thousands of cathodic protection systems since 1982. Structures protected include at- and below-grade storage tanks, well casings, buried and submerged pipelines, water tanks, heat exchangers, piles, and an extensive variety of other submerged and buried facilities.

Engineering Services - Costs associated with corrosion-related failures can be minimized through the proper installation, operation and maintenance of a correctly engineered cathodic protection system. Corrosion Services personnel have the certification and the technical ability to provide the proper system design for each specific project. Cathodic protection training can be provided to the operator new to the principles of cathodic protection. 

Solar Power Installations - Cathodic protection systems depend on a reliable source of electric power.  For those remote locations without ready access to an electric power supply, Corrosion Services designs, manufactures and installs solar-power systems. Corrosion Services solar units range from 1 to 30 amperes.

  • State-of-the-art design based on 20-years experience with designing and maintaining solar cathodic protection system power sources.
  • Unit is completely assembled at the factory; no field assembly required, which improves quality control and reliability.
  • Solar unit is self-contained and skid-mounted; just set on site and connect CP cables and activate.
  • Units are constant current or can be potential controlled
  • Units are built to withstand hostile environments and remote sites
  • Frame is constructed of power-coated steel and anodized aluminum
  • Redundant component welds and stainless-steel rivet construction are used to deter the theft of solar panels
  • Units are designed using state-of-the-art software based on the historic insolation and temperature data for the specific geographic location of the solar site
  • Solars are designed for five days of autonomy (no sun)

Existing System – Inspections, Upgrades, Repairs, Maintenance, Data Management - After a cathodic protection system is in place it is important to periodically check it for proper operation. Corrosion Services technicians can provide these inspections and offer professional recommendations for upgrades, repair and ongoing maintenance. In addition, database management, exception reporting, and regulatory audit support services are available to those companies with limited personnel.

Close Interval Survey for Pipelines - Studying pipe-to-soil profiles can identify areas of inadequate cathodic protection and coating damage. This testing methodology forms an integral component of Corrosion Services’s corrosion control program. The survey technique detects localized, active corrosion due to a variety of causes.

Indirect Assessment Surveys - Corrosion Services can perform the entire spectrum of External Corrosion Direct Assessment survey techniques including:

  • PCM
  • DCVG
  • ACVG
  • Depth of Cover
  • Soil Resistivity

All surveys are geo-referenced utilizing DGPS coordinate acquisition.

Materials and Equipment Sales - Corrosion Services can provide all your corrosion control equipment and material needs; see our product line for materials and equipment.

Cathodic Protection

Applying cathodic protection is the most common method to prevent corrosion-related failures when used in conjunction with a proper coating system. With over 20 years of cathodic protection experience, we can provide cost-effective options for oil and natural gas pipeline operations, oil, natural gas and water well casings, municipal water and natural gas utilities, oil and petrochemical production companies, electric power utilities, and transit and power transportation agencies.

WBI Energy Corrosion Services is involved with the design, implementation, energizing, monitoring and troubleshooting of cathodic protection systems on a daily basis for a wide variety of buried or submerged metal structures.

Our technical staff includes cathodic protection personnel accredited from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) from CP Level 1 through CP Level 4. Technical staff personnel are highly skilled with extensive and differing cathodic protection engineering backgrounds. With the technical staff having specialty areas of expertise, each project is evaluated so that the most qualified individual is assigned to the appropriate project.

Air/Hydro Excavation

Air or hydro excavation protects your underground facilities from second-party damage since vacuum excavation is the best way to get to buried structures for installation, verification or repair. Pick-and-shovel crews are dangerous, labor intensive, and expensive. The VACMASTERS System 4000 features selectable air or water digging, allowing crews to use air 95 percent of the time with water available when needed. 

Digging with air offers these benefits:

  • Speed – pothole in seven to eight minutes on average
  • Efficiency – no mud hauling, disposal costs, or return with backfill
  • Safety – for buried utilities and for the operator
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